Image Ordering & Prior Authorization Solutions for Imaging Centers

ZipRad is a digital solution designed for Imaging Centers to streamline the radiology ordering and prior authorization processes. Once you have signed up for ZipRad, your referring physicians may download and install the ZipRad Print Driver from our website. The ZipRad print driver allows physicians to create orders in their EHR and print as they would normally.

ZipRad’s powerful machine learning algorithms read and sort the order information into the appropriate fields. A “.pdf” record of the order is available on the side of the screen for comparison. Orders can easily be edited prior to submission.
If applicable, a short questionnaire will pop-up to estimate
the probability of prior authorization. It suggests appropriate clinical documents specific to the study requested. This information is not required, but it is a useful tool for accelerating the prior authorization process.


To easily add a chart or document to the order, print the chart from the EHR and attach to the appropriate patient file.


That’s it!  With ZipRad, faxing and paper printing, call-backs for missing information, and VPN tunnels are things of the past. And there is absolutely no cost to the referring physician. Your time is important, so we’ve made ZipRad easy to use.

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