Image Ordering & Prior Authorization Solutions for Imaging Centers

ZipRad is a digital solution for Imaging Centers designed to improve the operational and financial efficiency of the image ordering and prior authorization processes. ZipRad's offering includes a print driver for referring physicians, a web portal, and APIs to bridge information to a Radiology Information System (RIS). ZipRad is powered by advanced Machine Learning Algorithms. In addition, ZipRad provides an elegant prior authorization probability engine to guide physicians to select the appropriate documentation for their clinical decisions.

An Imaging Center contracts with ZipRad and provides the ZipRad print driver to referring physicians at no cost. In a secure, HIPAA compliant manner, ZipRad bypasses previously cumbersome and expensive interoperability issues and digitizes EHR orders into parsed fields.


ZipRad eliminates manual entries, errors from transcribing illegible handwriting or poor fax quality, mounds of paperwork, and the need for additional and annoying faxes and phone calls. The efficiency gains are significant. Patients are happy, referring physicians are happy, Imaging Centers are happy.