Image Ordering & Precertification Solutions for Imaging Centers

ZipRad is a digital solution for Imaging Centers designed to improve the operational and financial efficiency of the image ordering
and pre-certification processes. ZipRad's offering includes an “app”, APIs, a web portal, and pre-certification services. An Imaging Center

purchases the “app” and provides it to referring physicians at no cost. The app is available in iPhone, iPad, Android and web site versions.
In a secure, HIPAA compliant manner, ZipRad acquires patient demographics, insurance information and six months of clinical histories
from the referring physician.

The referring physician selects the patient from his unique

patient list and orders a study through the ZipRad app. ZipRad

uses anatomical images and a well thought out graphical user

interface to simplify this procedure.


With a click, a physician or administrator can order a scan from

the Imaging Center. Once the order is placed, the Imaging Center receives it in the ZipRad portal. The order is then uploaded to

the Imaging Center EMR. In time, ZipRad will automate the

pre-certification process by digitally submitting required

information to insurance companies.


ZipRad eliminates manual entries, errors from transcribing poor handwriting or fax quality, mounds of paperwork, and the need

for additional faxing. The efficiency gains are significant.