Image Ordering & Prior Authorization Solutions for Imaging Centers

The current process for a physician to order an exam is based on multiple inefficient steps that require manual
writing, typing, printing and faxing:


1. The Imaging Center provides the referring physician a “script pad” to fax orders.

2. A referring physician enters patient demographics and clinical histories into an EHR.

3. A referring physician or administrator manually transcribes this information onto the script pad and faxes the request to the Imaging Center.

4. The Imaging Center manually re-types this information into the Imaging Center RIS.

5. The Imaging Center contacts the referring physician for missing information; typically, clinical histories or insurance information.

6. The referring physician faxes the remaining information.

7. The Imaging Center manually enters this information into its’ RIS.

8. The Imaging Center manually enters, transcribes and/or faxes the prior authorization request to the appropriate insurance company.

9. Prior authorization is received.  The order is scheduled, and the entire paper trail is shredded.


Throughout the entire process the risk of inefficiencies and transcription errors abound, often due to poor handwriting or fax quality. As a
result, imaging centers require two to three office staffers to manage the process ZipRad automates. The cost savings, error reduction, and operational throughput gains for switching to ZipRad are substantial. In a competitive market, the ease of order entry provided by ZipRad
offers imaging centers a tool to retain and grow their referring physician base.